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AeonSphere is lead by Tamás Alföldi. I joined this project in 2010. There was something unique and innocent about his approach to music, that I could not resist. The plans for this one also was a real band and world domination, but I said in the very beginning, that I'm mostly interested in studio work because of distances. We have rehearsed with two guitars and a drummer a few times, but our contract with the drummer has since ended.

AeonSphere has two long albums of music ready. Tamás has done 99% of the composing. I have done all the guitar and bass recordings and also contributed a few riffs and ideas here and there. All bass lines are my solutions. I believe I've looked only once at the original bass line in Mime song to get one part true to the original.

Vocals are not present yet, but most of the lyrics are ready. Soul Forged Destiny was inspired by the Moon landings and the wonders of space exploration in general. Equilibrium Disintegrates tells about the second world war and the crazy experiments and beliefs of the nazis.

AeonSphere playlist on Youtube

All songs in mp3

Soul Forged Destiny

1. (intro)
2. Soul Forged Destiny
3. Astral Romance
4. Wreathe the Ion Storm
5. Quest to the Abysmal
6. Tranquillity in Darkness
7. A Sphere Steeped in Glittering Pitch
8. Mime (The Wistful Eyes)
9. Unearthly
10. Immortal Imagination
11. Stardust on Cosmic Tapestry

Equilibrium Disintegrates

1. Marching into Cataclysm (intro)
2. Operation: Apocalypse
3. Fraternizing with the Enemy
4. I Am God
5. Die Unerwünschte
6. In Search for Clandestine Magic
7. The Turning Point
8. Winter Maze
9. Forced to Kneel
10. Between Two Worlds