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11:46 - "The School Song"

The school building, where I spent six years in junior and senior high school, burned down on February 11th 2014. Exactly one year later a few of the school's old students released a memorial song and music video. I was there playing guitar and bass and also singing in the choir. Video is in Finnish only.

Watch on Youtube


Dwale was a progressive metal project in which I was involved in around 2007. I wrote a couple songs with Dwale in mind.

Candlelit Mysteria Youtube
The Grand Multiversal Finale Youtube


Two songs that were heavily inspired by early Meshuggah. Written in 2006-2007.

Sushukka part I mp3
Sushukka part II mp3

Impulse Tracker classics

Impulse Tracker 2.14 was my main composing tool from 1998 to 2007. However, after 2000 I didn't release anything in module format anymore. Today I'm providing all the old songs in mp3 format.

It was always a bit of a struggle to get running properly on Windows, and everytime a new Windows came out, the compatibility problems increased. Nowadays I use Schism Tracker for reviewing and modifying the old files if needed, and XMPlay for playback and wave file output.


Full collection on Youtube

1. Black Witchery (Lyrics and vocals by Marko Taali)
2. Doom Day
3. First Symphony: Wings of the Forest
4. Second Symphony: No Tomorrow
5. When You Once Become Dead, You Will Be Dead Forever
6. Darker Side
7. Warriors from the Past
8. Flash Light
9. Silent Knight
10. Death Storm
11. Father Silence
12. Heretic


Full collection on Youtube

1. War Beyond the Endless
2. Horror Times
3. Sacrifies from Another Kingdom of Darkness
4. Viikate Mies
5. Racial Segregation
6. The Slaver of the World
7. Pain Suffer
8. King Evil
9. Innocent Children

Midi songs

Power Chords midi editor was my composing tool in 1994-1998. Most songs from the first two years are lost, as I did not see the value of preserving the old works for later times back then. Instead, I relentlessly deleted anything that I didn't like anymore. All the midi files that survived the holocaust are available here:


Over the years, I have made remakes of some of these midi songs. Two of them, Darker Side and Warriors from the Past were remade with Impulse Tracker in 1999 (see above). And a few more have been recorded later with real guitar tracks.

Gut Knot mp3
Inner Fear mp3
Violence of Monsters mp3
The Temple of Jugdment mp3 - Youtube

Hell Revealed II contribution

Hell Revealed II is a megawad made for Doom II. I was contacted by a person called Grave sometime in the late 1990's when I had already begun to compose in module format. He asked for my permission to use some of my old midi songs, and I gave my permission. For some reason, my name is not mentioned in the credits, and instead, my songs were credited as if they were Grave's songs. There are more details about the songs in the info.txt included in the midi.zip above.

Cover songs

Apart from the cover videos, or rather "guitar karaoke" videos, actual covers haven't been a big part of my musical hobbies over the years, but there has still been time for a few of those as well.

Teit meistä kauniin (Apulanta) Youtube
___ I was invited to play bass for this competition entry for an upcoming Apulanta movie.
Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura) mp3
___ Re-recorded version with more blootal guitars
Spit (Sepultura) mp3
___ One-shot recording featuring Tamás Alföldi on drums.
Mårtensen Bröder - Blackiemus (Karl Jenkins - Adiemus) mp3
___ Recorded over the original track. My bro Atte Marttinen (Kivimetsän Druidi, Volucrine) on drums.
Mårtensen Bröder - Hevimeno (Era - Ameno) mp3
___ Recorded over the original track. Drum programming by my bro Atte.
Crownless - Piilobiisi (Children of Bodom) mp3
___ Sami Koponen: keyboards / Atte Marttinen: drums
Crownless - Pokémon mp3
___ Sami Koponen: keyboards / Atte Marttinen: drums / Jukka Ylönen: vocals
Spellbound (By the Devil) (Dimmu Borgir) mp3
___ Very old recording featuring an anonymous guest on second guitar.