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Unhealing is my main personal solo project. Simply put, my style is symphonic black/death metal. I love simple and sinister blast beat, but beyond that I try to keep things less simple. I try to include chords and notes and solutions that are rarely used by most composers, and to create harmonic atmospheres far beyond the standard scales. My latest songs have also stretched to quite unusual lengths. I have a weird feeling that anything under 10 minutes feels like a simple pop song fit for radio. I want to challenge myself and the listener more than that.

Unhealing logo is designed by Asko Heikkinen.

The new period began in 2014. After working with the AeonSphere project for a while, I had slowly started getting back into the mood for composing myself again. One reason for the motivation may have been the decent sounding results I had gotten with the guitar and bass recordings. Since then I've put together a couple new songs. These songs are considerably longer and more complex than anything I've done in the past. I'm also focusing on Finnish titles and lyrics now. These songs may later form a full album, but for now I'm releasing new songs one by one as they come.

Hyytävän auringon poltteessa / Scorched Under a Freezing Sun (21:55)
Youtube - mp3

Marraskuun routakoura / November Frostclaw (16:02)
Youtube - mp3

Haaksirikko / Winterstrand Stormwreck (19:32)
Youtube - mp3

Jehovan pojat / Sons of Jehovah (9:26)
Released with temporary working title "Encircled by a Complex Web of Fiery Gorges"
Youtube - mp3

The classic period began in the early 2000's. I felt it was the logial step forwards from just composing and releasing single songs as they were completed. I set myself a goal to compose a full album of songs that would beat the shit out of my previous works and possibly even form a greater whole together. This proved to be an unexpectedly troublesome task, but after many rejected ideas and broken promised for release, the first version of Fountains of Unhealing album was complete in 2003.

But I did not release the songs at the time, because my ambitions had grown much more, and I wanted to have the entire album recorded with a full band. I even had a full lineup of great musicians willing to make the whole band thing real. But we were all scattered all over Finland, and we never got to play together. All the ultimate plans slowly dissolved into its own absurdity and my own lack of managing skills after 2004.

For a long time, I was still planning to somehow get the album recorded for real, and I didn't want to release the original demo tracks publicly. I kept on trying to write new material and to polish the old ones, and there were a few changes to the tracklist along the years. Only after many years I gave up this silly obstinacy. Getting the album recorded more professionally would still be neat, though, as my few loyal followers tend to remind me occasionally.

Fountains of Unhealing

Full album on Youtube

1. Fountains of Unhealing (synth only)
2. Blessed by Death
3. The Most Northern
4. Crusades Undone
5. Beneath the Frozen Surface
6. Blackening of the Lands
7. The Materializing of Evil
8. Tomorrow Night Will Be Cold
9. Endless Emptiness (synth only)
10. A Troll Went into a Forest
11. They Are Coming for You
12. Preparations for Thy Final Hour (synth only)
13. Visions from the Past
14. Fountains of Unhealing (synth only)

Unhealing Outtakes are the other songs composed in around 2000-2007, that were cut out from the Fountains album, or planned for another hypothetical album, or just composed for the fun of it.

Grim Reappearement
Ablaze of Glory
Our Souls Are Doomed
Strong Is My Sword